Automating Poster Creation with Latex

This semester I will be serving in OU COB Research Colloquium. We organize research presentations in college of business. As part of my duties I was tasked with creating posters. I considered my options and decided that creating new posters every other week was too much work. So I created a tex file that grabs... Continue Reading →

PLM package is pretty decent for traditional econometric models, yet when it comes to datasets I have to deal with everyday it can be pretty inefficient. If only we had a version of within transformation that would work with multiple clustering variables... Actually, we have it in the form of felm package for R from... Continue Reading →

Writing Smell Detector for LaTeX

I have been using Linux as my main system for years. One thing I have always felt the lack of was the Word's grammar checking facilities. Especially when writing in LaTeX, I have often felt the lack of an automated system to catch the most common errors. Thanks to John Horton from MIT, now we... Continue Reading →

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