Two Minis in One Go

Today I painted two Gloomhaven minis, the spell weaver and eclipse. Both were depicted as night scenes in the character art, so I choose a simple wash based approach for both. The figures were primed with zenithal highlighting earlier, so the washes just gave the atmosphere for the minis.

Eclipse was no frills, just some blue/purple wash and white highlights to make certain details pop. I think it took about 15 minutes in total to finish it. Spell weaver was a bit more involved. The two magic spells in her hands cast some light on the figure. So beyond the washes, I had to also paint the spells with wet blending and apply some OSL on the figures.

Neither of them turned out to be amazing. I didn’t particularly care enough to do a better job of it either. I think they are good enough to put on the table.

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