Business of Games 2019

One of the things I will miss about OU is the BoG summit that John Bowditch and Paul Mass organizes every year. Considering my research area, it was a blessing to have BoG so nearby. This year too I just walked down the Court street to join the conference. While I could not attend all... Continue Reading →

GDEX and Midwest Game Dev Scene

I attended GDEX today thanks to the GRID lab and John. It was everything you imagine a gaming expo to be, with cosplay, FPV drone racing, cool demos and so on. While attendance of geeks and nerds was a given anywhere in the world, I was not expecting this much on the supply side in... Continue Reading →

Through some mishaps in Vive repair process, I found myself as the proud owner of a third light house. The thing has been lying around gathering dust since it arrived. This weekend, I set out to put it to use. I established two rooms with separate tracking through three lighthouses.  The setup could not have... Continue Reading →

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