The inuit have 100 words for snow. The Danes have 100 words for cake.

Having Fun With Teaching

I taught my first class back in 2009. I have taught many classes since. I think something I quickly learned was everybody had a better experience when I was enjoying myself. So I did things that made the class more fun for me. Things like explaining cryptography through Shakespeare, use case diagrams via method of... Continue Reading →

CISSP Certified

I got certified as CISSP this week. The preparation was grueling. So much material to cover. The exam itself was fair, but the test questions in the beginning were really weird. I was at first a bit taken a back but then onve the 25 test questions were out of the way it was smooth... Continue Reading →

Security+ Certified

So about a month ago, I decided it was time to get certified. I had been doing this work, and teaching this content for some years now and thought a certificate would be a good way to demonstrate the skills to potential employers. I registered for the security+ exam and got the bundle with 2... Continue Reading →

New Keyboard: Welcome Charybdis

After building the dactyl, I took a long break from building keyboards. In that time I noticed, no matter how awesome dactyl was, I still needed to lift my hand up to use the mouse. So I started dreaming about a keyboard with an integrated trackball. My dreams came true when I ran into Charybdis.... Continue Reading →

How to Sell Your Video Game?

Our new paper with Philipp and Hakan is just published in MISQE. For me, it is the culmination of work I have been doing since I wrote my first Steam scripts in 2014... I was very lucky in terms of my extremely talented co-authors, thanks to them years of confusion was distilled into this practitioner... Continue Reading →

Scripting for Kiddies

As part of our efforts surrounding the Danish Cybersecurity Championship, we are offering a course on Bash scripting. While we used Haaukins platform for some activities, one can carry out the exercises on any Linux machine (maybe a bit less easily). As part of the course, I created content that includes videos, tutorial documents, exercises... Continue Reading →

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