World Map Visualizations Based on Data in R

I am working on a workshop for Business Analytics masters students. Part of the demos I intend to use are geographical visualizations. I am using rworldmap package to achieve these. Let us say you have geographical data in a data.frame such as country, with country identifiers stored in "ip_iso2" column in ISO2 format and the... Continue Reading →

AWS Educate For Teaching and Research

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Arizona State University was a member of AWS educate, more so since my year of free trial ran out last month and I just payed my first bill for the Amazon instance I use for data collection. Amazon Web Services provides an easy to deploy, easy to... Continue Reading →

Wireshark install in Ubuntu 14.10

I use Wireshark in my demonstrations for the CIS-430 Networking and Distributed Systems class. I always enjoy the reaction of students when I sniff their FTP passwords off the air. To be able to gather packets in promiscuous mode how ever requires some authorization changes. Here is how I did it the last time I... Continue Reading →

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