Scripting for Kiddies

As part of our efforts surrounding the Danish Cybersecurity Championship, we are offering a course on Bash scripting. While we used Haaukins platform for some activities, one can carry out the exercises on any Linux machine (maybe a bit less easily). As part of the course, I created content that includes videos, tutorial documents, exercises... Continue Reading →

Personal Privacy Online – New Course Materials

As part of an Industriens Fond initiative, we have been developing cybersecurity adjacent courses for the general Danish public. One of the courses we developed is personal privacy for the youth. The course is designed for high school students, and freshmen. The topics we cover are: Stalking and CyberbullyingCorporate Tracking and Add Supported Business ModelsGovernment... Continue Reading →

Predictive Analytics Course in R

I was slated to teach Predictive Analytics 2 as part of the analytics masters degree here in OU. I have been developing the course content slowly the past few months. Now, with the move to Denmark coming up this summer, I will not get to use this content in the class room. I figured I... Continue Reading →

Understanding Neural Networks

A few months ago I made a presentation on Tensor Flow for MBA students. The challenge was to simplify the technical underpinnings of the technology sufficiently while preserving a semblance of what it was good for. One particular challenge was visualizing the technology. Showing python code and output was out of the question and at... Continue Reading →

Google TensorFlow

Google open sourced TensorFlow (TF), a distributed machine learning library, in November.  The basic idea is that, you build your ML process into a graph and let TF handle the running and distribution of the work between cores. Be it cores in your CPU or GPU, TF has you covered. The dataflow graph works much... Continue Reading →

R Workshop Documentation (Updated)

I have been working on the upcoming R workshop for a few weeks now. Finally I am ready to publish part of the material in the spirit of open source, so that others can benefit from, and improve upon my material. I uploaded all the materials to my github repository. There are a few documents... Continue Reading →

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