Transactions on Replication Research, a Replication Journal for IS Field!

Through our discussions with the PhD students in the department, the lack of a replication journal has always been something we felt the lack of. Everybody agreed that scientific progress required replicability of results but, no one was able to spare the time to an endeavour which would surely go unrewarded. Now that there is a Replication Journal in IS, perhaps this won’t be the case.

Transactions on Replication Research (TRR) is an AIS journal that aims to publish replication research. Editors in chief Dennis and Valacich in their manifesto invite IS researchers to “embrace a culture in which replication of prior research is valued and expected as a normal part of science”. The Journal commits to publish negative results as well as positive results, which is another major step in the right direction.I do not know with the current tenure requirements how the journal be received but it certainly is good news for the field. Perhaps one day we may even get A level open access journals.


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