How to Sell Your Video Game?

Our new paper with Philipp and Hakan is just published in MISQE. For me, it is the culmination of work I have been doing since I wrote my first Steam scripts in 2014... I was very lucky in terms of my extremely talented co-authors, thanks to them years of confusion was distilled into this practitioner... Continue Reading →

How I Almost Got Rich On Bitcoin

Alright children gather around, it is story time. Today I will tell you about the time when I almost got rich off of Bitcoin. The year was 2011 and I was a fresh faced PhD student at ASU, looking for my first year project. The project we settled on was Bitcoin. At the time Bitcoin... Continue Reading →

Parallelizing Bootstrapping At Least…

I understand that there are some workloads that don't lend themselves to parallel processing. Yet bootstrapping is so clearly parallelizable. Why in this day and age, do we have to rely on serial processing of bootstrapping tasks, I don't understand. This became infuriatingly obvious to me when a bootstrapping task I left running on Friday... Continue Reading →

Business of Games 2019

One of the things I will miss about OU is the BoG summit that John Bowditch and Paul Mass organizes every year. Considering my research area, it was a blessing to have BoG so nearby. This year too I just walked down the Court street to join the conference. While I could not attend all... Continue Reading →

GDEX and Midwest Game Dev Scene

I attended GDEX today thanks to the GRID lab and John. It was everything you imagine a gaming expo to be, with cosplay, FPV drone racing, cool demos and so on. While attendance of geeks and nerds was a given anywhere in the world, I was not expecting this much on the supply side in... Continue Reading →

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