3D plots in R with Plotly

I was looking to visualize some interactions for our engagement study. I decided to use a 3D plot but the R base plots did not look appealing. I guess ggplot2 pampered me a bit. My search lead me to plotly. Visually pleasing plots with R and Python.

At first I was a bit wary of the online storage component, but the package worked without signing up for the website. So I gave it a go. The similarity to ggplot2 in syntax made things easier, so after 10 minutes I was getting first decent plots. It quickly became clear that the online component to host these plots was a great idea. The 3D plots are much more useful if your users can interact with them, and you can not expect your audience to install an R environment just to view a plot. The free tier has some limitations but overall it is pretty useful.

WordPress does not allow me to embed javascript content so check the plots out here.

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