OU and Gaming Research

img_20180907_134527062When I joined OU, there were many things that excited me about the university: the location, the culture, colleagues… I must admit research was not one of the reasons I joined OU. Over the years however I came to realize how mistaken I was as OU provides a fertile ground for my kind of research.

I do research on digital gaming market. There are not many researchers in my field that do anything related to gaming. I always assumed I would be the only guy in a school that investigated gaming as a product. OU however proved me wrong. Not only do I have a colleague in the college of business that does similar research, the university itself is teeming with it.

Last year, OU hosted business of games summit, and this year we will be hosting a second one. The school has an e-sports team with enthusiastic students. Perhaps best of all is the existence of Grid Lab.

Today I was lucky enough to tour the Grid Lab with John Bowditch. Grid lab is like a mini development studio with all sorts of gear from motion capture equipment, to whisper rooms and monster PC’s equipped with VR equipment. The lab is every gaming nerds wet dream. 25 students actively work on developing VR experiences as part of their program. Very excited to do something with all these resources.

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