CISSP Certified

I got certified as CISSP this week. The preparation was grueling. So much material to cover. The exam itself was fair, but the test questions in the beginning were really weird. I was at first a bit taken a back but then onve the 25 test questions were out of the way it was smooth... Continue Reading →

Evaluating Cybersecurity Simulators

HTB is the big competitor to Haaukins... So we are setting up a lab and are looking at hardware and software for it. While the IT is giving us the go-around treatment ("We want to host vulnerable machines" doesn't sit well with the IT), I get to play with nice toys. I checked out the... Continue Reading →

vɑlˈhɑ lə or wɛlhel’e

Hold on to your seats, its profound revelation time. Now many of you think of Valhalla as vɑlˈhɑ lə. A hall full of brave warriors exchanging stories of guts and glory. A hall full of smokes from boars turning on spits, where the mead never runs dry. Danes think of Valhalla as wɛlhel'e. I am... Continue Reading →

A Different Kind of Ransomware: Cloud Services

Over the years, I recommended using a password manager to hundreds of students... I often recommended popular services on the grounds of convenience. Last month Last Pass announced it would seriously limit the free tier forcing me to do a lot of self reflection about those recommendations. From today onward, last pass would only work... Continue Reading →

Made a Wet Palette and Painted Doomstalker

Last night I painted Doomstalker from Gloomhaven. It seems like it will take a while to get throught Gloomhaven minis... After a few false starts with trying to use glazes to bring out the zenithal highlighting, I said fuck it and did the classic, base layer, shade, highlight triumvirate. I am reasonably satisfied with how... Continue Reading →

New Domain –

When I started with İrfan's Adventures, I wanted to use it as a signal in the job market. was just the right amount of boring for that. Now that I no longer care about professional signals, perhaps it's time to turn the blog into something more fun. should do it. Sing it to... Continue Reading →

Shyft is shyt

Shyft is an app to replace in home survey for moving companies. The idea is neat enough. Using the phone, you show the surveyor what you want moved and they calculate the volume and weight based on that. The problem is the app should never have left beta. It did not work with any of... Continue Reading →

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