Having Fun With Teaching

I taught my first class back in 2009. I have taught many classes since. I think something I quickly learned was everybody had a better experience when I was enjoying myself. So I did things that made the class more fun for me. Things like explaining cryptography through Shakespeare, use case diagrams via method of... Continue Reading →

CISSP Certified

I got certified as CISSP this week. The preparation was grueling. So much material to cover. The exam itself was fair, but the test questions in the beginning were really weird. I was at first a bit taken a back but then onve the 25 test questions were out of the way it was smooth... Continue Reading →

Evaluating Cybersecurity Simulators

HTB is the big competitor to Haaukins... So we are setting up a lab and are looking at hardware and software for it. While the IT is giving us the go-around treatment ("We want to host vulnerable machines" doesn't sit well with the IT), I get to play with nice toys. I checked out the... Continue Reading →

vɑlˈhɑ lə or wɛlhel’e

Hold on to your seats, its profound revelation time. Now many of you think of Valhalla as vɑlˈhɑ lə. A hall full of brave warriors exchanging stories of guts and glory. A hall full of smokes from boars turning on spits, where the mead never runs dry. Danes think of Valhalla as wɛlhel'e. I am... Continue Reading →

A Different Kind of Ransomware: Cloud Services

Over the years, I recommended using a password manager to hundreds of students... I often recommended popular services on the grounds of convenience. Last month Last Pass announced it would seriously limit the free tier forcing me to do a lot of self reflection about those recommendations. From today onward, last pass would only work... Continue Reading →

Made a Wet Palette and Painted Doomstalker

Last night I painted Doomstalker from Gloomhaven. It seems like it will take a while to get throught Gloomhaven minis... After a few false starts with trying to use glazes to bring out the zenithal highlighting, I said fuck it and did the classic, base layer, shade, highlight triumvirate. I am reasonably satisfied with how... Continue Reading →

New Domain – Irfmeister.com

When I started with İrfan's Adventures, I wanted to use it as a signal in the job market. IrfanKanat.com was just the right amount of boring for that. Now that I no longer care about professional signals, perhaps it's time to turn the blog into something more fun. Irfmeister.com should do it. Sing it to... Continue Reading →

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