Predictive Analytics Course in R

I was slated to teach Predictive Analytics 2 as part of the analytics masters degree here in OU. I have been developing the course content slowly the past few months. Now, with the move to Denmark coming up this summer, I will not get to use this content in the class room. I figured I could just open up the content for other people to finish up and use in their course.

This was supposed to be a broad spectrum analytics course covering analytics workflow from data wrangling, visualizations, descriptives, modelling and model training. It assumes the students already are a bit analytics savvy.

The material reflects some of the idiosyncrasies of OU analytics program (e.g. some models covered twice in continous and categorical models) and does not touch up on everything one might want (7 week format forces you to make sacrifices). Still the material is pretty good already. I hope somebody can make use of it.

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