Teach Every Semester Like It’s Your Last Semester

The teaching evaluations for my last semester here in OU just came in. Wait… I have something in my eye. What?!? NO! I’m not crying! You’re crying! I can’t describe how satisfying getting a review like this was, especially for a course as though as MIS2800. I had some good evaluations in the past, but none as unequivocally positive as this one.

Thinking what led to this positive outcome, I came to a realization. I always viewed my role in the classroom as having two sides: coach to the students, and a gate keeper for my employer. I try to nurture the students, while at the same time enforcing strict rules to make sure they actually meet the standards of the institution I work in.

Once I realized the reason I kept walking into the classroom day after day was because of my students and not because of my employer, I was able to be more flexible. I now realize that in the past I was focusing too much on the gate keeper role, to the detriment of the coach role. Lesson learned: Teach like every semester is you last semester. Do what is right for your students, no matter how unconventional it is for your institution.

Student evaluations in their entirety for section 103

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