How to Sell Your Video Game?

Our new paper with Philipp and Hakan is just published in MISQE. For me, it is the culmination of work I have been doing since I wrote my first Steam scripts in 2014… I was very lucky in terms of my extremely talented co-authors, thanks to them years of confusion was distilled into this practitioner article. This was also my first practitioner publication, the rigors of quantitative research often prevented me from stating what I observed in the data because endogeneity this, measurement error that… Yet if you gaze long into a market, the market also gazes into you. There were things I have been dying to say, but my traditional outlet of a scientific paper was not right for them. This paper allowed me to cast away the rigor induced muteness.

We used the jargon of the platform literature through the paper. It is like a shibboleth among these people. So it may not immediately be accessible to the game developers (talk about a practitioner paper huh?). Complementor means developer. Minor complementor is an indie developer, major complementor is a AAA studio. What we say is essentially, if you are an indie dev be conscious of your resource limitations and focus on what sets your product apart (unique art style, mechanics, story) and try to minimize effort on things you can obtain through ready made solutions (3D assets, code, music).

Here is the article:

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