Being in Hawaii in the middle of January is nice and all, but traveling 21 hours for 4 days is just not worth it.

Today was the first time I joined the board game group at the library! Met real nice people and had lots of fun playing Endeavor together.

Board Games and Miniature Painting

Alright, so far I have been posting about my research and teaching... Now that I have a job that I feel fairly confident about, I think I can actually blog with a bit more liberty. I have been a huge fan of boardgames since I laid my eyes on the "Milyoner" (Turkish knockoff of monopoly).... Continue Reading →

Understanding Neural Networks

A few months ago I made a presentation on Tensor Flow for MBA students. The challenge was to simplify the technical underpinnings of the technology sufficiently while preserving a semblance of what it was good for. One particular challenge was visualizing the technology. Showing python code and output was out of the question and at... Continue Reading →

Surviving and Thriving in Online Labor Markets

I will be presenting our paper, "Surviving and Thriving in Online Labor Markets" this weekend at WISE 2015. Our study aims to uncover the dynamics shaping the online labor markets (,, ...), with a focus on the role of country development level on the IT service providers' ability to survive and earn a... Continue Reading →

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