Two Minis in One Go

Today I painted two Gloomhaven minis, the spell weaver and eclipse. Both were depicted as night scenes in the character art, so I choose a simple wash based approach for both. The figures were primed with zenithal highlighting earlier, so the washes just gave the atmosphere for the minis. Eclipse was no frills, just some... Continue Reading →


Sat down and painted Cragheart from Gloomhaven. It was a simple mini, didn't require anything besides the prime, baselayer, shade, highlight workflow.

Quick and Dirty Board Game Inserts

It has been a while since I finished the Last Night on Earth minis (great game btw). I was a bit miffed with how the minis would shift around in the box, rubbing against each other. Dullcote can only protect them so far after all... So I have been thinking of making an insert for the... Continue Reading →

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