Quick and Dirty Board Game Inserts

It has been a while since I finished the Last Night on Earth minis (great game btw). I was a bit miffed with how the minis would shift around in the box, rubbing against each other. Dullcote can only protect them so far after all… So I have been thinking of making an insert for the game. The problem was that, creating a foam core insert from scratch was too much work. Foam core required lots of planning and wasn’t a very forgiving medium. Enter plastic drawer dividers

Plastic drawer dividers can be assembled and disassembled easily, allowing you to quickly prototype the fit of components. Another benefit is, you can basically alter its size without any tools. They snap off easily allowing you a wide range of size options. This way you can alter the shape of your insert until you are satisfied without loosing any of your material.

One thing I noticed after working with the dividers was, if you want a neat cut at the snap point you can basically just scratch that part with a hobby knife. The scratch makes the plastic snap off neatly.

I worked to create a basic layout with these plastic dividers. Then noticing I had some foam core lying about, I raised a compartment and made a groove for the CD that came with the game. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out! I don’t think a completely foam core insert would have been better.

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