Board Games and Miniature Painting

Alright, so far I have been posting about my research and teaching… Now that I have a job that I feel fairly confident about, I think I can actually blog with a bit more liberty. I have been a huge fan of boardgames since I laid my eyes on the “Milyoner” (Turkish knockoff of monopoly). Moving to the US has only broadened my horizons when it comes to board games and now I have a decent collection of my own.

Recently I ascended to a new level in the hobby. I am now painting the miniatures that come with some of my games.  I must admit I am pretty new to the hobby and am not implementing all the tips and tricks a seasoned painter knows. Below are my attempts at painting Last Night on Earth Minis.

I used paints from Reaper Minis Learn to Paint Bones kit and some additional colors from MS High Density 2 set.

Now I am working on Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu Minis.

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