Two Minis in One Go

Today I painted two Gloomhaven minis, the spell weaver and eclipse. Both were depicted as night scenes in the character art, so I choose a simple wash based approach for both. The figures were primed with zenithal highlighting earlier, so the washes just gave the atmosphere for the minis. Eclipse was no frills, just some... Continue Reading →


Sat down and painted Cragheart from Gloomhaven. It was a simple mini, didn't require anything besides the prime, baselayer, shade, highlight workflow.

Painted the Summoner

So tonight I painted the summoner. It was a relatively quick paint job. Begining to end less than 45 minutes, including the setup time for the paints, water and, palette. In this figurine I used lots of washes, and wet blending. It was also a trial for the object source lightning (OSL) as the staff... Continue Reading →

Improved Wet Palette and Quartermaster

Last night I painted the Quartermaster from Gloomhaven. After seeing the benefits of the wet palette, I wasn't going back. So I went out and bought some white Swedish sponge (Those cleaning cloths made of cellulose fiber). I used this instead of the paper towels I used last time. I must say this wasn't a... Continue Reading →

Scale Mismatch of Scythe Minis

What is the deal with the scale mismatch between the mechs of different factions? Rusviet Mech looks like a dieselpunk exoskeleton maybe 5-6m tall, all the others look like they are giant walking fortresses 20 mt tall. I like the detail on the Rusviet mech to be honest but I still find it a bit... Continue Reading →

Finally finished painting Zombicide Black Plague minis.

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