Scythe Minis Painted

Got around to painting Scythe minis. The character figurines were quite detailed and I ended up using a few tricks I never used before.

This was the first time I used decals on miniatures. I used 1/72 and 1/76 WWII decals for mechs. All in all they ended up working quite well.

I also experimented with using a sponge to create rust and weather effects on vehicles. The Rusviet mech above has quite a lot of rust on the claws. The saxony mech also has a bit of weathering although small size makes it harder to see.

I originally wanted to fully base all the miniatures with grass, snow, soil, rocks, tree trunks… Yet these were board game pieces and keeping the faction colors clearly visible in each miniature was important. I wanted players to be able to quickly tell the lay of the land at a glance. In the end, I decided to only partially base them.

I generally use testor’s dulcote to cover the minis for a matte look. Yet for parts that need to shine (Zahra’s jewelry, or the glass cockpit of the Polania mech) I went back and added some gloss varnish.

For Mox, I used washes to paint, it created a natural gradient getting darker towards the bottom. This was my first experience using washes to paint. I also modified Zahra’s bow a bit. The bow was a single flat piece (more like a plate than a bow) I carved the bow to look like a bow using a drill and some exacto knives.

All in all I am pretty happy with the end result. Hoping I can put the game to table in Denmark.

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