Stuffed Fables Minis – Last Minis Painted in US

I finished painting stuffed fables. These may be the last minis I paint in US, as I packed my paints and brushes for the move. Heck I am even selling the desk I used to paint miniatures on. Anyway, I started off carefully. Paying attention to details and generally implementing all techniques I learned. Towards the end, I must admit I was rushing it a bit. Creptius, Skreela and the heroes are results of this hurried phase. During all this I drew inspiration from Paul Gestwicki’s work.

The minions were business as usual. I implemented the rust and dirt effects I learned painting scythe minies. Other than that, it was standard base layer, washes, highlights, dulcote…

I started off with the snatcher. No tricks beyond rust effects. For dollmaker, I tried to bring zenithal lightning out by using washes to paint. The effect was a bit underwhelming. For Creptius, Skreela I used the same painting with washes technique. It turned out to be grainier than I thought it would be. I thought, grainy look was actually looking good enough and left them like that. One thing I failed at was Skreela’s eyes.

Finally the heroes. I used washes for Floppy and Theadora and regretted it. For heroes, I found that I preferred the clean look.

I could not bring myself to paint or do anything about the bases. Maybe I will do something about it in Denmark.

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