Personal Privacy Online – New Course Materials

As part of an Industriens Fond initiative, we have been developing cybersecurity adjacent courses for the general Danish public. One of the courses we developed is personal privacy for the youth. The course is designed for high school students, and freshmen.

The topics we cover are:

  1. Stalking and Cyberbullying
  2. Corporate Tracking and Add Supported Business Models
  3. Government Surveillance and Ethical Concerns
  4. Computer Networks, and Traces We Leave Online
  5. Securing Personal Devices
  6. Manipulation and Propaganda Online

In each module we focus on a group of problems (e.g. securing personal devices) and provide some suggestions on how to mitigate the problem (e.g. password managers). Each module has a short video lecture, and various supporting activities such as case study discussions, hands on exercises. We provide the lecture plans, slides, case studies, tutorials, and videos. All our materials are licensed with Creative Commons 4.0 license. Meaning anyone can modify and use them how ever they like so long as they attribute to us.

You can find the materials for this course here:

In creating these materials I used markdown for the documents, and beamer for the slides. This proved to be fortuitous as it eased making modifications to how the documents look and feel en masse. After the content was ready, we just deployed templates and licensing information with a few simple commands. I have half a mind to just go and publish a teaching case on use of markdown for educational materials.

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