Security+ Certified

So about a month ago, I decided it was time to get certified. I had been doing this work, and teaching this content for some years now and thought a certificate would be a good way to demonstrate the skills to potential employers. I registered for the security+ exam and got the bundle with 2... Continue Reading →

New Keyboard: Welcome Charybdis

After building the dactyl, I took a long break from building keyboards. In that time I noticed, no matter how awesome dactyl was, I still needed to lift my hand up to use the mouse. So I started dreaming about a keyboard with an integrated trackball. My dreams came true when I ran into Charybdis.... Continue Reading →

Making Mailing Lists “Great” Again

A lot has been written on social media, polarization, radicalization, fake news, and propaganda. I myself have developed a module on the same and been part of some (stalled) research on it. These days I don't have any social media presence, but being disconnected is not really a solution. How does one stay up to... Continue Reading →

Personal Privacy Online – New Course Materials

As part of an Industriens Fond initiative, we have been developing cybersecurity adjacent courses for the general Danish public. One of the courses we developed is personal privacy for the youth. The course is designed for high school students, and freshmen. The topics we cover are: Stalking and CyberbullyingCorporate Tracking and Add Supported Business ModelsGovernment... Continue Reading →

Building the Dactyl – Part 2 – Wiring

After the upper case and key switches were put together I started wiring. I started by following the guide on dactyl git repository but the lack of updates and details quickly drove the project in to the ground. My original intention was to minimize learning and just to blindly follow the guides. That attitude got... Continue Reading →

Digging for Switches on an Old Keyboard

I am preparing to build a dactyl keyboard and for that I would need switches. Denmark being Denmark, it was hard to get mechanical switches for a reasonable price. I had to improvise a bit to get all the parts. had the switches but wouldn't deliver to Denmark, and the ones that did deliver... Continue Reading →

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