Made a Wet Palette and Painted Doomstalker

Last night I painted Doomstalker from Gloomhaven. It seems like it will take a while to get throught Gloomhaven minis… After a few false starts with trying to use glazes to bring out the zenithal highlighting, I said fuck it and did the classic, base layer, shade, highlight triumvirate. I am reasonably satisfied with how it turned out, but there was a time when I was sure I mucked it up.

This time I did something I never did do before. I fashioned myself a wet palette out of baking sheet and paper tissue. Wet palette was something I have been thinking of trying for a while now. It was such a pleasure to see the paints stay viable hour after hour. It took away all the stress and the urgency of painting. After shading dried, my base color was still usable for highlights. It was a game changer. The paints were still viable this morning when I took the photo.

There was some getting used to as some of the paints I used became a bit thinner than I intended. I had to adjust my use of glazing medium to this new reality but I don’t think I am ever going back. In fact I am looking into getting some white Swedish sponge to build a more permanent one going forward.

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