Building the Dactyl – Part 2 – Wiring

After the upper case and key switches were put together I started wiring. I started by following the guide on dactyl git repository but the lack of updates and details quickly drove the project in to the ground. My original intention was to minimize learning and just to blindly follow the guides. That attitude got... Continue Reading →

Digging for Switches on an Old Keyboard

I am preparing to build a dactyl keyboard and for that I would need switches. Denmark being Denmark, it was hard to get mechanical switches for a reasonable price. I had to improvise a bit to get all the parts. had the switches but wouldn't deliver to Denmark, and the ones that did deliver... Continue Reading →

Matebook and Presentation Woes in Ubuntu

I am very happy with my matebook, and the screen resolution is a big part of it. One problem that became glaringly obvious recently was that in Ubuntu, I could not mirror displays. So here I am plugging my beautiful laptop to whatever third rate projector is lying about and I am stuck with extended... Continue Reading →

Shyft is shyt

Shyft is an app to replace in home survey for moving companies. The idea is neat enough. Using the phone, you show the surveyor what you want moved and they calculate the volume and weight based on that. The problem is the app should never have left beta. It did not work with any of... Continue Reading →

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